StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5.2.6 ISO File Free Download [Terbaru]


StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5.2.6 ISO File adalah sebuah software yang dapat anda gunakan untuk menyelamatkan data di pc atau laptop anda saat pc tersebut tidak dapat booting. Jika anda pernah mengalami gagal booting dan sudah melakukan berbagai macam cara, tetapi pc anda tetap tidak dapat melakukan booting padahal di dalamnya tersimpan data yang sangat penting, maka software StorageCraft Recovery Environment ISO adalah software yang sangat tepat untuk anda.

Software StorageCraft Recovery Environment ISO ini biasa digunakan oleh para teknisi untuk menyelamatkan data dari pc atua laptop yang tidak dapat booting. Selain kegunaan di atas, software ini juga mempunyai banyak sekali fungsi lainnya seperti membuat backup secara menyeluruh dari pc anda mulai dari windows, aplikasi, konfigurasi setting, dan semuanya yang ada di pc anda dengan cara yang cepat dan aman. Anda juga dapat membuat kloning windows dengan mudah ketika menggunakan program StorageCraft Recovery Environment ISO ini.

Choice of Recovery Environment

  • Build your own custom Windows recovery environment with a familiar user interface and extensive driver support
  • Easily load additional drivers needed to access existing storage within the Recovery Environment for Windows
  • Have the convenience of a pre-built tool with Recovery Environment CrossPlatform so you don’t have to create one


  • Capture everything—systems, applications, configuration settings, services, data—on servers, desktops, and laptops
  • Back up Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint servers and other critical application servers, including updates in memory
  • Encrypt backup image jobs to securely protect data
  • Save backups to any disk device (such as removable, local, and network drives) or any optical media (CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs)
  • Back up a non-bootable system before attempting a restore operation
  • Verify backup images to ensure they’re in a known good state for fast and reliable recovery


  • Perform a bare metal restore in minutes
  • Restore a system to the same or different hardware or to virtual environments
  • Mount a backup image and quickly browse it in order to recover a file or folder
  • Restore an entire data volume from a backup image file


  • Migrate a backup image from one physical machine to another
  • Migrate a backup image of a physical machine to a virtual environment
  • Migrate a backup image of a virtual environment to a physical machine
  • Migrate a backup image from one virtual environment to another

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Detect and repair a boot configuration error or corrupt hard drive when the automated repair process fails
  • Repair or replace the information required for startup that may get lost during migration from one drive to another
  • Update the boot configuration when the old drive configuration doesn’t include what’s needed in order to boot on a newer drive


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StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5.2.6 ISO File (294 Mb)


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