Adobe Audition CC 2020 Full Version Download {Terbaru}

au-4323979-2801709BAGAS31 – Adobe Audition CC 2020 Full Version merupakan software pengolah audio. Software ini sangat cocok untuk sobat sebagai seorang profesional editor, ataupun sobat yang bekerja di bidang multimedia khususnya audio dan video. Dan yang saya posting ini merupakan Adobe Audition terbaru 2020 versi, pastinya banyak fitur menarik yang kalian bisa coba di dalam software ini.

Software keluaran Adobe tentu sudah tidak diragukan lagi, ya. Berbagai fitur software ini seperti mengedit, mixing, mengolah, menambahkan berbagai efek dll. Silahkan download Adobe Audition CC 2020 Full Version melalui link yang disediakan.






  • Adobe Audition CC 2020 Full Version | 391 MB
    [FileUp] | [Mediafire] | [GDrive] | [XFiles]
  • Password: | Status: Tested (Windows 10 – 64bit)

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Key Features of Adobe Audition:

  • It provides stability as well as performance improvements
  • Punch and roll recording
  • Auto-ducking ambiance sound
  • Nudge clip up and down
  • Zoom to selected clip
  • Improved playback and recording performance
  • Improved multitrack UI
  • On-clip gain control and waveform scaling
  • Add tracks and delete empty tracks
  • Zoom to time
  • Effects and presets migration
  • Open Premiere Pro projects
  • Clip spotting
  • Tracks panel
  • Compound media import
  • Improved multitrack performance
  • Auto-Duck music
  • Run scripts
  • Add album art in MP3 files
  • Jump to Time
  • Input monitoring
  • Multitrack clip improvements
  • Support for Mackie HUI devices
  • Dynamics effect
  • Visual keyboard shortcut editor
  • Timecode overlay
  • Multichannel audio workflows
  • Full fidelity with Premiere Pro
  • Direct export from Audition with Media Encoder
  • Updated audio effects
  • Guides for getting started
  • Essential Sound panel
  • CEP extensions
  • Remixing and adjusting song duration
  • Synthesized speech
  • Automatic loudness correction
  • Auto-backup to Creative Cloud
  • Dynamic Link for streaming video content from Premiere Pro
  • Live relinking
  • Dual display full-screen video
  • Expanded video format support
  • Marker import and export
  • Automatic copying of imported assets to a session folder
  • Timed recordings
  • Sound Remover effect
  • Enhanced Speech Volume Leveler
  • Custom channelization
  • Smart track colors
  • Pitch Bender and Pitch Shifter effects
  • Click/Pop Eliminator and DeClicker effects
  • ITU Loudness Meter
  • Automatic speech alignment
  • Preview editor
  • Frequency band splitter
  • Waveform editing with Spectral Frequency Display
  • Audio extraction from CDs
  • Paste control for multitrack sessions
  • Phase Analysis panel
  • Edit Favorites feature
  • Manual and automatic pitch controls
  • Faster, more precise editing
  • Real-time clip stretching
  • Control surface support and parameter automation
  • And so much more

Cara Install:

  1. Download file melalui link di atas.
  2. Extract file part dengan WinRar atau software sejenis.
  3. Matikan koneksi internet. Wajib.
  4. Uninstall versi sebelumnya (jika ada).
  5. Install setup Adobe Audition sampai selesai.
  6. Jalankan Adobe Audition.
  7. Nyalakan koneksi internet kembali.
  8. Selesai. Enjoy Full Version!


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